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awake and unafraid

on the bad side of 25

3 October 1985
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Kate is: A directionless boho type whose favorite dream is to grow her hair out and move to California and learn to surf. Or Edinburgh. Or Pheonix. Or Florida. She lives on a steady diet of caffeine, cigarettes and three-chord country, sleeps in fourteen-hour bursts and never manages to finish a foreign film. She has an electric guitar named Black Betty and a steadily growing collection of knitting needles and yarn. SEE ALSO: Chad Michael Murray.
Kate likes: Her biffles, the way the sun shines on asphalt when she's doing eighty miles an hour, books, color, listening for the silences between the chords and hardwood floors.
Kate dislikes: shoes, drama llamas, the way kids sound when they're sad, and dramatic misunderstandings of the romantic comedy kind.

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